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Jim Duncan:

Andrew Freiden:

Kevin Jeanes:

Ros Runner:

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26 Responses to Contact The First Warning Weather Team

  1. Lenny Macca says:

    I love you guys. Charasmatic, savy, and keen. Everyone of you. ☺♥☼ However, and I know this may seem a bit far-fetched for some, but it is, in fact a very real science and phenomenon, with published public reports dating back to the 1960’s– that of controlled/created/enginered weather patterns and manipulated precipitation deposits (cloud seeding). As this can be and is wrongly poo-pooed as “conspiracy junk”– a little google search will yield sufficient provenance for this ‘alleged claim’. All that aside, I would be very interested to know what the 12 news Weather team thinks about this scenario as is, as well as being a possible catalyst for this ‘freak weather’ on the global stage. — and PLEASE don’t say Global Warming. I genuinely love Gene Cox, glazed donuts, and 12 news and it’s weather team. I’ve been a fan since the days of Brenda Hughes! Keep up the great job!

  2. Terry says:

    What was the “official” Weather Bureau snow total
    for the Dec. 18-’09 storm in the Richmond area?

  3. Margaret says:

    I can understand why you would have wall-to-wall TV on in December, but why in January?? Please folks, stop this broadcast nonsense!

    I wanted to see the Today show, not people telling us for the umpteenth time that it’s snowing, be careful, it’s cold, continually measuring the snow, because it’s a Saturday and most people don’t have to go out. Please, at least give us an hour of Today. We don’t live in Hawaii, we do know snow, even if we get it sporadically and we went through this in December. Thanks for cutting back on the blast of information.

    • Jane Beard says:

      I’m enjoying the coverage – if I want to see a movie or get tired of the coverage for a while I can turn the channel. You guys are doing a great job.

    • sherri fleck says:

      Big Wedding Day…
      Despite the snow, Kristina & Chris getting married today @ 4:30! Stressful, I’m sure, but what a beautiful day to get married. Be carefule, everyone!

  4. Joy Elliott says:

    I just made snow muffins they are good, warm with butter. I substituted chocolate chips for the raisins and left out the lemon rind.
    A little over 4 inches in Rockville Va in western Hanover
    Have a Blessed Day

  5. RRAE says:

    NO SNOW!!! Glen ALLen!! THANK YOU!!~!!!! hope you are wrong!!! no disrespect, just do not want snow, we had enough last time…I am over it…its almost 3 AM in glen allen and NO SNOW….and hopefully none wil come my way!!!

  6. linda miles says:

    really????? i can only dream

  7. dale currency says:

    i believe that snow will start falling on december 10th around 8 or 9 pm.thank you.

  8. Katy says:

    When will the school closings be udated?
    I keep waiting, but I havnt seen any new ones! i realy hope that Prince George is on the list because all the backroads are flooded, and even some of the main roads are flooding as well!

  9. Kay Cabaniss says:

    Why doesn’t ‘closed caption’ come through during the weather forecast? Because of hearing loss many of us need to know when severe storms are pending.
    Don’t use the ad lib excuse…cc works on televised sports games.

    P.S. I’m asking the other 2 channels the same question. ^..^

  10. Sirius, The Star Dog says:

    Why would Patton claim on today’s noon newscast that tomorrow and Wednesday would be the first time this season we’d see temperatrures in the 90s, when in fact there was a heat wave (3 days >= 90°F) on April 25 – 27?

  11. Jason says:


    Following your lead with repeating oneself a million times I just wanted to say it again, you stink!!

    • Jason says:


      I totally agree with you Jim stinks. Oh, wait I’m commenting to myself just like Jim on TV about the tornado. Too bad I don’t have the fancy weather computer he does that he has pushed every button imaginable on. Zoom in / Zoom out, draw a box for the millionth time, let me draw you a time lapse. My dog just had a seizure trying to follow you on the tv screen. Once again. You STINK.

      • Linda says:

        Though I can concur that some information gets repetitive .. after all eventually there is nothing new to say .. plus who knows when someone has just joined a broadcast — should they be left out of getting the complete news? Bottom line, this is why we have TV flippers — change the channel to relieve any pain you may be experiencing.

  12. Jason says:


    I want to second Virginia’s comment and tell you to get off of the TV. This rambling, zoom in / zoom out repeat yourself 400 times briefing is horrible and we get it, there’s a tornado warning out. Is there a button on your weather computer you didn’t demo to all of us or could you possible say “as well” or “once again” another time? By the way do you think they are watching you in Jetersville? In a word your coverage is awful. Thanks for holding the city hostage and making us all miss Law & Order. You stink!!

  13. virginia patterson says:

    We know there’s a tornado warning out. You have said it at least 200 times!!!! I’d like to watch the last 15 minutes or so of the show that was on.

  14. Kathrine says:

    Is it possible there was an earthquake felt in Richmond today sometime after 4am this morning (Thurs, April 30th)? It felt like furniture was shaking a bit – nothing monumentous, but still felt a little like one.

  15. Paula says:

    Sorry forgot to tell you where I’m at. I live in Cumberland county.

  16. Paula says:

    We have just had pea size hail.

  17. Owen says:

    those pic that they are showing are so cool and ashely kellys pic is alsome!!!!!!

  18. Sam Howarth says:

    Very disapointing, first they show us the photo of steam from “Dutch Gap” then they warn the drivers on RT64 of the dangerous conditions[like they have a tv on the dash]. Finally we are to beleive the pea sized hail is really the size of a half dollar, well ok with the recent devaluation maybe it is close.

    This is weather terrorism at its best, haven’t seen anything like it since the eighty’s on Northern Virginia station, that guy isn’t in the buisness any longer.

  19. Owen says:

    this has been the coolest weather i was in school and we went to switch classes and when i went to my next class it was raining cat and dog!!!!

  20. Kathy Davis says:

    You sure the photo Ashley sent was of a tornado??? It sure looks like the steam coming from the smokestack at Dutch Gap…I have seen it many times from different points on I-95 and it can be deceiving.

  21. Lance Pearson says:

    The photo you showed of someone on I95 isn’t of a tornado but the smokestack plume of the Dutch Gap Dominion power plant with its white steam. The lady who sent you the photo photoed the power plant and didn’t know it. Lance Pearson

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