Post your SNOW TOTALS here!

* 4:35pm UPDATE:  Snow began tapering off past hour, but still coming down, although at slower rate.  Most areas will see generally light snow through about 6pm.  After that, mainly flurries, and then could see another period of non-accumulating light snow or freezing drizzle  after midnight as the finishing touch on this storm.  Grand totals show quite a variation based on your posts…from around 7-8″ up to 13-14″.  In general, metro area will wind up with roughly a foot, but we’ll see what the official tally comes in at from RIC later.  Thanks for all your posts!  Jim Duncan

Please post your snow totals/observations here.  We’ll use them to help verify forecasts and we’ll be using them on air.  Please include your location in your email.  Stay safe today and enjoy the snow!

You’ll notice the comments now appear from newest to oldest.  That’ll make it easier to see newest snow reports come in.

*posted by Andrew Freiden


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  1. axl rose says:

    axl rose…

    […]Post your SNOW TOTALS here! « NBC12 Weather Blog[…]…

  2. ukash says:


    […]Post your SNOW TOTALS here! « NBC12 Weather Blog[…]…

  3. Chrissy says:

    14.5″ in the Westend just off of Westend Drive!

  4. Sam says:

    At 5:30 a.m. Sunday, I had just over 14″ at 7°F. This is two blocks northeast of Saint Mary’s Hospital in Henrico County. I chuckle when I think that Byrd Field represents weather for this area. It is a large, flat, and open field near a moderating body of water. I am always colder than the Field in Winter and always warmer in Summer. Amazes me that the National Weather Service does not have more than one observatory in an area as diverse as Central Virginia.

  5. Lou Abernethy says:

    12 – 14″ in Deltaville

  6. Ben says:

    14.5″ in Powhatan. measured three places: Three bridge road 7 Academy road: 14″; Three bridge Road west of 522: 14.5″; Valley Springs Subdivision off Judes Ferry Road: 14.5″ Measured multiple spots in each place on hard surfaces away from houses.

  7. weatherman25 says:

    located off route 10 just south of chippenham parkway, measured 10 times and ive come up with 11 1/2 inches each time

  8. Leonard L says:

    Robious and Early Settlers Rd., half way between Huegenot and Midlo Tpk.
    Measurements taken Sat. at approximately 9pm. We have 12″ based on 8 readings taken on 4 different neighbors yards.

    Today, Sun. Jan. 31 I have shoveled several ‘tons’ of snow.

    Bring it on. . .

  9. Sed says:

    13.5″ in open yard Sunday morning. Drifts up to 18″. Thomas Mill neighborhood on the Chickahominy River off of Old Washington Highway in Henrico.

  10. Nancy says:

    We have 12 inches of snow in our back yard. I live in the city 4600 block Stuart Ave.

  11. Marg says:

    12-14 inches near I64 exit 181. 12 inches base and up to 15 inches in areas that the wind drifted the snow deeper. Heavier on top and light and fluffy in the middle. Not fun to dig out. Overwhelmed the snow thrower.

  12. Nov57boy says:

    I live off Jefferson Davis Highway about 1/2 way between Willis Road and Chippenham Pkwy. It is about 10 inches in front of my apt.

  13. anonymous says:

    Short Pump has 17 inches.

  14. Phil says:

    I measured the snow on my back deck at just over 13 inches.

  15. Tim says:

    Measured in four different places near Patrick Henry High School with a grand total of 16 inches. Huge storm!

  16. Douglas Bubbletrousers says:

    Hello everyone, I am happy to report that I have 9″ but there is about 13″ of snow on the ground! Call me!

  17. BB says:

    Bon Air, near Forest Hill & Buford, we topped off at 12.5″ by Sunday morning. Now it’s time for that oh-so-fun chore of finding the driveway and the cars. Ugh. At least it’s nice & sunny this morning.

  18. Jackie says:

    I live between Chippenham Pkwy., and the James River. I measured Sunday a.m. at 14″.

  19. E MarK says:

    I’m in Palmyra, just off I-64 @ exit 136. We got 12″. This is getting to be a pattern. lol

  20. KL-Louisa says:

    Louisa near Gum Spring
    We had 12 inches of powder on the ground at 5:00 PM Saturday. Plus another 2 inches overnight. Flurries were still falling at midnight.

  21. Cheryl Felker says:

    10 inches off Spring Run/Qualla Rd. in Chesterfield.

  22. Blake W says:

    I live in Aylett and it continued to snow through 3am. I just measured and we have 14 inches.

  23. richmondhokie says:

    10 inches off Qualla Road, just north of Beach Road in Chesterfield

  24. Mike says:

    Far West End near Deep Run Park at 7:45am Final Snow Total of 12.25 inches

  25. Tom says:

    Western Powhatan, almost Cartersville: 15 inches.

  26. Lisa Coates says:

    Mechanicsville near I295 & Meadowbridge Rd. we have 13″ measured in our backyard.

  27. Goss in Glen Allen says:

    We measured 13in. over here in Dunncroft off Hungary and Francistown, -Glen Allen.

    Great storm, finally we have a good winter around here.

  28. Lou says:

    Dinwiddie/Petersburg Border – 7 inches – TIME 2:55 a.m. Sunday 1/31/2010

    • Stef says:

      Thanks Lou for posting Dinwiddie’s total. No one believed me when I said only six inches on my back deck.
      You would think we had 17 the way people are acting around here.

  29. Devin says:

    Glen Allen, 23060, near the intersection of Staples Mill Road and I-295: Four measurements with a yardstick——two each in the open space of my front and back lawn——show a consistent accumulation of 13 inches.

    • MayMay says:

      I am in your neck of the woods Devin. I am right behind the libary. I measured a few different spots btwn the front and back yards and it looks to be 14-16″.

  30. Mark Cobb says:

    Snow totals from Mangohick, VA. We got pounded still snowing at 1:00am Sunday 15 inches. Let it Snow

  31. EricWG says:

    I’ve got just over 12″ now at Staples Mill and Glenside and it looks like we’ve got a pretty good flurry going on right now.

  32. Tim says:

    Here in Ashland near Patrick Henry High School with 14″ of snow as it still comes down heavily. Woohoo!

  33. Jason Endries says:

    9.5 inches on my deck as of 11:30 PM in Chesterfield, VA, 23838.

  34. Bill says:

    Don’t have a good place to measure, but have 12-13″ in Glen Allen near library. Still falling lightly

  35. eLiTe J says:

    Also, it seems like the ”bulls eye” area that was south from petersburg to emporia got a lot less totals than originally projected. Feels like the Bulls eye moved right up to chesterfield through hanover!

  36. eLiTe J says:

    14.5 inches of snow here in Midlothian, Virginia! Still coming down! With another band inbound!

  37. wxdavid says:

    13.7 here in chester with this last burt of snow from the ” backlash” and 700 mb Upper Low

    best snow since jan 25,2000 surprise blizzard
    16.7″ here for that

  38. GJ says:

    11 inches in East-central Henrico near off 360

  39. Elaine says:

    13 inches in Gum Spring and it has stopped snowing at the moment.

  40. Ryan says:

    We ended up with 15.5 inches here at Glen Allen Near VA Center Commons!! and its still coming down outside!! I LOVE SNOW!!! and NBC12 you guys Rock!

  41. Jack says:

    Just took 4 measurements Robious/Old Bon Air Rd area at 10 pm – 10″ avg.

  42. midlo hokie says:

    11.659 inches in midlo

  43. Ashland Snowbunny says:

    15 inches now in Good Ole Ashland

  44. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    So when’s the next snow storm??

  45. Kevin says:

    Bellvue – just North of the Diamond – 13 inches.

    Just started again (9:00) and the radar looks like it may produce another inch or so.

  46. Matt says:

    What a snowstorm! At this rate, we will end up having more snow than some parts of the northeast by the end of winter!

  47. David says:

    Skipwith Rd & Forest Ave in Henrico: 12″

  48. Mike says:

    Still falling lightly here-we are in the woods down next to Craney Island Farms(near 295/301). Snow started this morning about 5:30…total here at the end of the Giles Farm Road is 13″. Hope we beat that total in the next storm!

  49. Colleen Kenyon says:

    13″ now in Mechanicsville

  50. Erica says:

    From Highland Springs VA. 12 inches here and still snowing a bit, can’t wait to see the actual totals from Richmond Airport beings I live right down the street! It’s been a fun but messy day!

  51. Mike says:

    Any ideas why the storm hit further north than forecast? It definitely caught people off guard in South Jersey, Delaware area. Definitely a pretty big snow for most of Virginia, and a cold snow at that. Too bad we still are only half done with winter. Bring on spring please. 🙂

    • Matt says:

      I would be very interested to understand why it did hit further north at the last minute when everyone was thinking of a more southerly track. Still snowing lightly in short pump (a little moderate at times).

    • wxdavid says:

      it did NOT really MOVE north per se… the 850 Low came off the northeast coast of NC stronger so it was able to drive the precip shield INRO DC SBY DOV and s NJ

      • JB says:

        just goes to show that mother nature will always ‘outsmart’ weather predictions, especially when it comes to winter storms here in mid-atlantic area….

        good news is that there’s less than 50 days until 1st day of spring….

  52. Snow Queen says:

    Hey Jim and Andrew–You guys did a great job on forecasting this one. I am sure you both are exhausted. I hope there is a little time for some rest for both of you now. Thank you for your hard work.

  53. sid says:

    15 inches of snow in Powhatan

  54. Sarah says:

    Just measured 13″ on my car here in Carytown. Still snowing!!! I’m visiting from Michigan and this snowfall is impressive even to me!

  55. Raju says:

    I measured 10″ of snow here in Chester, VA…have fun in the snow my friends.

  56. AnFend says:

    14″ West End Drive in Mid-West End Richmond

  57. kevin says:

    Check out the radar filling in from that upper level energy coming through. Snowing pretty good near 288 and rt 10.
    Also check out the latest GFS run for next Friday/ Saturday and DGEX snowcover map. Looks like we could do this again as temps keep trending down. Any feedback on this ?

    • nbc12weather says:

      WAY premature to be concerned about this. GFS 18z (typically unreliable run) only model agressively showing this. Euro showing rain. We’ll see next couple days.
      Jim D.

  58. Rick says:

    West End of Henrico next to Regency Square Shopping Mall has about 13″ right now.

  59. PhotoGuy says:

    Made a 10 hr time lapse of the snow…

  60. Wincky says:

    Laurel Lakes, Glen Allen, VA 12.5″

  61. Hubert says:

    Approximately 20 inches here in southern Cumberland. just came in from shoveling a path for our dog,and it is still snowing.

  62. Charley says:

    A band just popped up smack over metro richmond, been coming down good for the past 20 minutes here in the fan, looks like another 1/3 inch at least since it started. Don’t know the grand total but I would guess about 12″

  63. Scott says:

    I live in Western Hanover County. I keep hearing seven inches of snow reported around town on the station. We have accumulated 12 inches.

  64. Ryan Ramsey says:

    12″ so far in Church Hill (29th & E. Leigh)

  65. MikeRVA says:

    The light snow ended a couple of hrs ago… I just went outside and snowing the larger flakes, like in December. It’s coming down at a pretty good rate too!

  66. Benjamin Heath says:

    12″ total in St. Stephens Church. Seems to be tapering off now.

  67. Ron says:

    14″ in Bon Air. More than the December storm.

    • GinGin says:

      Absolutely! I’m in Bon Air and went out to clean the car off. The snow is over the top of my boots which are 13 1/2″ tall. Guess it’s time to get some new boots or maybe even some waders! LOL!

  68. Aaron says:

    13.5 inches near Ridgefield and John Rolfe (Short Pump) at 5:30 PM

  69. Kate says:

    14 inches near Academy Rd in Powhatan.

    • Mancno says:

      Powhatan/Midlothian Area (Near 288) Offical total as of 7:00: 11″, as measured off the back of my wifes car. Sorry Honey, I only had a metal ruler!;)

  70. Barb says:

    11″ on my deck in Brandermill. Picture with measure on my flickr site.

  71. vk says:

    14″ near James River High. AND…the snow started up again !!! Looking at the radar…a small strip of snow started up right near us…wow. Won’t last long.

  72. camva04 says:

    12″ in my backyeard in the fan

  73. TW says:

    8 inches here in Walnut Hill (Petersburg).

  74. Liz says:

    Reporting from Meadow Street in the Fan: we have 12 inches in the backyard. Soooooooooo happy!!!!

  75. Michelle and Charlie Pfeiffer says:

    Just measured 12 1/2″ on our driveway – Flat Rock area of Powhatan – woo hoo!

  76. JC says:

    How can you possibly say that 7 inches is the official total?

  77. skeebo says:

    we have 18 inches in cumberland, almost up to my knees. back to shovel.

  78. David Wyncoop says:

    I just heard Tom Patton say that the offical snow total in the Richmond Area was seven inches. Seven inches! I’m here in Midlothian, not far south, with anywhere from 11″ to 15″ (I measured several places).

  79. Molly says:

    12.5 inches in Glen Allen, just down the street from Virginia Center Commons.

  80. JeffCren says:

    10.5″ in the far west end (Godwin HS area)

  81. David Bassler says:

    12.5 inches in Bellevue, near the corner of Brook and Laburnum, by 5:45 p.m.

  82. JB says:

    Just measured 9.5″ @1845 EST 1/30/10 – southeast stafford county (east of I-95)….snow as tapered off to flurries here….

  83. John says:

    I am close to the Powhite Pkwy-Courthouse Road intersection and it is measuring right at 12″ right now. It has stopped snowing now for the most part.

  84. Stephaine Crawford says:

    New Kent has 10 inches so far and still falling lightly.

  85. Stephaine Crawford says:

    So far we have measured 10 inches with light snow still falling.

  86. Mike says:

    11.9 inches in the Far West End near Deep Run Park

  87. Peter says:

    11.5 inches in Powhatan off Rt. 711 as of 5:38 PM

  88. RGO says:

    Approx. 12″ in West Henrico near Goochland line

  89. David Harer says:

    11 Inches of snow at 1730 hrs in Varina on Midview Road

  90. Cara says:

    12 1/2 inches in Twin Hickory. Looks like the snow has finally stopped.

  91. Nancy says:

    We’re in Glen Allen off of Staples Mill Road. We have 13″ right now.

  92. Larry says:

    14.5″ in Powhatan just off 609 at the Powhatan and Amelia line

  93. Mel says:

    Brandermill subdivision- measured 12 inches in the field/open space (away from trees, etc.)at 5pm. Snow drifts are measuring between 12-14 inches. Definately beautiful walking around in the snow!

  94. Colleen Kenyon says:

    We reached the 1 ft. mark in Mechanicsville as of 5:15.

  95. Tom in Twin Hickory says:

    Over 14″ so far here in Twin Hickory and it’s still snowing!

  96. JC says:

    Out of curiosity, why do you use RIC as the official measurement? It always seems they are very low compared to the rest of Metro.

    • Matt says:

      Yea the RIC scale must be different . They must use some other system of measuremen. Because the totals out of there are always wrong.

      • wxdavid says:

        to let you know how wrong the richmond snow total it is… you the nearest location that has 7 inches of snow as the offical total is more thsn 100 miles away

      • EricWG says:

        It’s nice to know that the offical numbers are so accurate. Let’s hope they don’t base anything important off those numbers.

      • erica says:

        i wonder the same thing when they broadcast their totals, i live 3min from the airport and everytime i measure what i have, they have something totally different

  97. Joyce Dayvault, North Dinwiddie says:

    12 inches here! Has some sleet in our’s here this afternoon. Still coming down as of 5:10PM

  98. Larry says:

    11.0 inches

    Mechanicsville, near Laurel Meadow Elementary School.

  99. Ruth Schoenhaut says:

    I just measured the snow in my front yard. It was exactly 11″. I live near Ridgefield Pkwy and John Rolfe Pkwy in the West End

    • Angela says:

      Weird, we live at the exact same area and we measured the lowest at 14″ here on Poplar Forest at the corner of Ridgefield pkwy and N. Gayton.

      We measured 6 different areas to try to get an exact measure. Maybe it has to do with the number of trees in a yard… weird!

  100. familygal89 says:

    Between Chester and Colonial Heights we have a measured 9 inches of SNOW at 5pm on January 30, 2010!

  101. MikeRVA says:

    Measured 11 1/2″ in Bon Air (near Huguenot and Buford Rd) on a patio table, approx 20 ft from house, nothing above. Drifts are way higher. There was some sleet mixed in on & off over the past couple of hours. Some fairly strong gusts occasionally… I love it!

  102. Angela says:

    14″ Here In Far West End – N.Gayton & Ridgefield Parkway.

    Still pouring down. The snow is taller than our porch now, so no telling where it starts or stops.

    Think the totals expected for our area were a bit off.

  103. JC says:

    11.75 at I-64/Glenside

  104. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – 5:00 PM, measured 11″. It is snowing lightly, but I think that we are at the end of accumulations.

    An AWESOME snow storm!

  105. Karen Mc says:

    4:45 PM – Central Goochland has 12.5 inches so far & it is still” white-out snowing”. wow

  106. Bruce, Western Powhatan says:

    13.5 inches of snow here. Still coming down, but the rate has slowed.

  107. WahooFan says:

    14 inches in Mechanicsville

  108. Henry Hiner says:

    Now 12-1/2 inches of snow, Lots of drifting around buildings, trees etc.
    Barameter 29.93, temp 17.6
    Wind still from NNE but slowing to under 10 mph
    Wii start to dig out tomorrow

  109. Killion Family says:

    8.5 inches and counting in Western Chesterfield 🙂

  110. Dennis says:

    Light snow now, roughly 12″ in Raintree, west end.

  111. Eric Cornett says:

    Still coming down pretty good out here in Short Pump. We’re on Kain Road and I’m measuring 13″ on the back deck. We’ve topped the December storm total for here already, and as I said, it’s STILL coming down…

  112. Sonny Liptrap says:

    WOW 13″ here in powhatan.

  113. Jackie says:

    In Ashland…12 1/2 to 15 depending on where I measure in the yard. I would say the average is 13 inches or so.

  114. ryan mcatee says:

    Ryan is 5yo and just measured 30cm in our backyard in the Museum District. He predicted 30cm before going out!

  115. Grovegirl says:

    13 inches on the corner of grove avenue and westmoreland across from Mary Munford. Snow still falling.

  116. ryan says:

    12-14 inches in henrico at glenside, its hard to get accurate measurement with blowing snow and now since there is so much it is compacting down.

  117. anne says:

    at 4:00 pm sat in chesterfield (near the courhouse) there was 9 inches of snow in my back yard

  118. Will says:

    14 inches in Short Pump off of Church Road

  119. Alison says:

    Measured 9.5″ in Mechanicsville near Cold Harbor Rd and Rte 360. Snow still coming down, temp. dropped fast in last couple of hours with some gusty wind. Brrr.

  120. John Wheeler says:

    Ruther Glen, VA in Caroline County

    As of 2:30pm – 11.5 Inches

  121. Lee says:

    13 inches in Short Pump off Church Road…

  122. LMarks says:

    14 inches in Goochland 2 miles west of Oilville

  123. Benjamin Heath says:

    11″ as of 4 pm in St. Stephens Church in King and Queen County. That was measured in an open 4 acre field so no debates about accuracy. Still coming down here so I wouldn’t be surprised to see another inch or so.

  124. Doohickey says:

    About 12.5″ here in Glen Allen near Hungary and Francistown Rd. Still coming down pretty good.

  125. Mike says:

    11.75 inches in the Far West End near Deep Run Park

  126. Susan Schools says:

    14″ just measured in Wyndham on our deck table.

    • ryan mcatee says:

      Ryan is 5yo and just measured 30 cm in our back yard in the Museum District at 4pm. He guessed 30cm before going out!

  127. brandon stewart says:

    its 4:00 pm here in church road, western dinwiddie county the snow is tapering off and our snow total is at 7 inches that was measured in a wide open area on a paved driveway so i think postings of 8 9 10 inches north of here is rediculous sticking a ruler out your back door and measuring right at the house is very inaccurate but hey….!!

  128. Scott says:


    Any wrap-around with this low? The NWS seems to think we’ll see another brief shot of snow tonight (10pm to 2amish) as the low reforms off the Carolina coast. What’s your expert opinion on that?


  129. Thomas Abbott says:

    Flurries and blowing snow is still coming down. A large Holly tree snaped under the weight of the snow. Currently in the brandermill subdivision of midlothian there is 13.5″.

  130. Nan says:

    In Manakin Sabot the kids were thrilled to see the ruler disappear!

  131. Chelsea says:

    12 inches in midlothian in the salisbury neighborhood!

  132. Dale says:

    13 1/2in. western powhatan and still fallin’!!

  133. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    12.5″ far west end.

  134. Rob Thompson says:

    12 inches and still falling in Bon Air!

    • GinGin says:

      I just measured 13″ on the sidewalk at my house in Bon Air (Oxford area). The drift at my front door measures in at a whopping 20″! It’s still coming down steady too!

  135. Jeremy says:

    3:30 p.m. measurement near Nuckols & I-295 near Short Pump.

    13″ inches total accumulation.

    Measurements are taken about 30 feet from house on a deck. I placed two white plates on a large table last night and use one to measure total accumulation and the other one to clear off for snowfall rate measurements.

    The depth is packing the snow down quite a bit. From 1:00-3:30 p.m. I measured 2 3/4 inches of new snow on a clean plate, but only had an a total accumulation increase of about 2 inches during that same time frame.

  136. Hallie Ray says:

    10″ at 3:30pm Saturday, and still coming down; this is in King George, at the northern end of the Northern Neck. Yesterday the forecast said 2-4″…

  137. jean Marin says:

    It up to 10 ” here at Lake Anna the birds have been in a feeding frenze alday at the feeds Have posted a picture for news I hope it’s used

  138. Marie Rothwell says:

    12″ of snow in the Town of Warsaw.

  139. TJ says:

    13″ in the Short Pump area near Ridgefield Parkway.

  140. Cathy Ellis says:

    I live near Richmond airport in Sandston. We had over 10 inches at 2:00pm. I’m sure we have had about another inch since then.

  141. Jay says:

    11″ at 3:00pm at my house off of Pemberton Rd. in Western Henrico County.

  142. Fletch says:

    Measured 12.25″ on the grass around 330. Its still snowing. Near Gaskins and I-64

  143. Carl Hess says:

    We have 12 inches in Powhatan off of 609

  144. Jane, Chester says:

    Found my old fashion snow cream recipe: 1 cup milk, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp. vanilla flavoring and two eggs. Put in large bowl and combine thoroughly. Add snow until the mixture thickens. Just made some and boy is it good. Don’t waste all that good snow! 11 1/2 inches in my measuring area.

  145. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – 3:15 PM, measured 10.75” and snowing at the upper end of a light rate. It may be fluffy snow, but shoveling it still stinks!!

  146. JP says:

    So far, we have 10 1/2 inches in Midlothian near Lucks Lane. The snow is starting to let up, but it’s still coming down!

  147. Mike says:

    At Pump and Gayton we have 12 1/2″ and still coming down

  148. Michelle says:

    Where are you supposed to measure to get the most accurate snowfall total? grass? blacktop? patio table? On our blacktop its 9 1/2 ” and on the grass it’s 11″ in Mechanicsville

  149. ryan says:


  150. Dave says:

    We have approximately 8-9 inches here in Henrico (near Patterson and Ridge). Still coming down steady; but not as heavy as it was between noon and 2pm.

  151. Maryann in Sussex County says:

    About 8″ fell here near Rt. 40 and VA 626. Now, we have a mix of sleet and snow showers (more sleet). The sleet mix has been happening for almost an hour now.

  152. Ben says:

    We have 10-12 inches in Glen Allen, Francestown/Springfield Road area, and continuing to come down!

  153. Scott says:

    10 inches Chester. Anyone have an official or unofficial total for Williamsburg and vicinity?

  154. MikeP says:

    11 1/4″ in the west end (near Broad/Glenside).

  155. Jonathan says:

    8 inches in Providence Forge and snowing about as hard as it has all day.

  156. Laura says:

    We have about 12 inches off Pemberton in the West End, still coming down steadily.

  157. Snowbaby says:

    13 inches in Sort Pump. Off Church rd near Three Chopt

  158. Ben says:

    10 inches on my porch in The Fan.

  159. Nicole says:

    2:45 We have 12 inches in the far westend (between lauderdale and gayton). I just went into the middle of the yard with a ruler! and WOW it is cold ! And it is still come down!

  160. Dave says:

    We have 10 inches in Stone Mill, close to Surreywood. Snowfall light and steady…

  161. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Looks like we’re on the way to beating Decembers storm totals in most area’s. still have a few more hours of good snow by looks of things.

  162. Angela Padua says:

    We have 10 inches here in Deer Run Sub., Midlothian, VA. By the way great coverage of the storm! Great team work!

  163. Karl says:

    UofR @ 2:35 pm, 12″

  164. Jeremy says:

    Near Nuckols Road and I-295 near Short Pump.

    2:30 p.m. – 12 1/2 inches total accumulation
    1:30 p.m. – 11 1/2 inches total accumulation
    12:30 p.m. – 10 inches total accumulation
    11:30 a.m. – 7 5/8 inches total accumulation

  165. Dave W says:

    We have 10″ here in the Bottoms Bridge area of New Kent County. Still a pretty good steady snow…
    Have Fun!

  166. Dan Haggart says:

    As of about 2:15 p.m., there is about 9 inches here in Lake Caroline in Ruther Glen, VA

  167. Ricky says:

    11 inches at Monacan Highschool!

  168. EricWG says:

    I have 11″ on the back table and its 2:30pm at Staples Mill and Glenside on the NorthSide.

  169. Beth Wiegan says:

    Just measured 11″ in my backyard in Innsbrook. : )

  170. Stacy Campbell says:

    9.5 inches here in Varinca, with snow drifts well over a foot as of 2pm.

  171. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    11.5″ Measured from my glass top patio table in middle of yard

  172. Mike says:

    10.75 inches in the Far West End near Deep Run Park

  173. Over a foot here now. Looks to be nearing 14″ soon. In Brandermill that is.

  174. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    Come on guys…you’re not fishing here… is it possible that I have 6.5 inches west of Pburg, while all the rest of you are getting 11, 12, 17 inches? Not believing it….

    • davidgentry says:

      Are you measuring in an unprotected area? Because of the consistency of this snow, it blows, slides, shifts and can very several inches from spots that are only feet from each other. Measurements should be taken in an unprotected area, preferably a field or yard not protected by trees to be accurate.

      10.25 inches here near Chesterfield Towne Center at 2:15 PM.

    • wxdavid says:

      maybe you are measuring on your driveway?

  175. Lisa D. says:

    9.5 inches near Parham & Broad.

  176. Babblers says:

    10″ and still coming with a fine consistancy!!!!

    here in Foxberry, Chesterfield VA! woop woop!

  177. Babblers says:

    Here in Foxberry (Chesterfield VA) we have a fluffy 10″ of snow!!! And it’s still coming down … with fine cinsistancy 😉 yeah VA!

    • Susie Weaver says:

      10 1/2 inches here just off the Atlee-Elmont exit off I-95….Atlee area of Hanover County…Totopotomoy subdivision… on the table on our deck

  178. Annie says:

    Anyone know what the official RIC total is right now?

  179. Dan Kennedy says:

    11.5″ in central Goochland County

  180. sid says:

    about 14 inches in Powhatan

  181. Elaine says:

    Now in Gum Spring we have 12 inches and its still snowing quite a bit.

  182. Deb from Montpelier off Rt. 33 near the Louisa line says:

    It started snowing around 6 a.m. ( We kept getting up to check during the night. You would have thought we were kids at Christmas) It is light, fluffy and accumulating rapidly. The last measurement taken about 20 minutes ago on our back deck which is fairly protected from the wind is 8 and a half inches. Guess the line shifted since we were in the 6 inch or less area.

  183. Benjamin Heath says:

    10″ as of 1:45 in St. Stephens Church. Still coming down pretty good and drifts are piling up.

  184. Mike says:

    11 1/2 inches in Glen Allen, near Crossridge

  185. Mike Pender says:

    Breaking News from Main and Harvie in The Fan:

    17.25″ of snow. I just measured with my trusty tape measure!

    That means 14.25″ have fallen since 9 am. A-a-a-a-ohhhhhhh-amazing.

    • Stephen Smitherman says:

      14″ here in Ashland.

    • Stephen Smitherman says:

      From the looks of the Smithercast 4000 Doppler radar, probably looking at another 7-10 inches.

      • Mike Pender says:

        Well Stephen, from the PenderCast 4500, I’m seeing another 8-12 inches.

        My prediction is officially 25 inches at Main and Harvie. Especially in the drifts that I’m measuring.

        It’s a good thing I loaded up on firewood, because I’m almost out of everything else!

  186. Mike says:

    10 in the Far West End near Deep Run Park at 1:45pm

  187. Kim says:

    It is 1:40 pm and we have 9.5 inches of snow in Mechanicsville near Rt 360 and Rt 295.

  188. Chuck says:

    11″ of snow in Montpelier as of 1:40 pm

  189. BB says:

    Bon Air, near Forest Hill & Buford, we’re up to 10″ at 13:30. Definitely slowing, but still coming down.

    The birds are not happy about this at all. Our in-the-window feeder has been very, very busy all day long.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, my feeders have been very popular today as well. One of my cats has gotten no sleep since 6 am because she’s so fascinated with the birds, lol. The other doesn’t care at all and she’s smart enough to stay on the heated mattress pad on my bed.

  190. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    10.5″ -Come on baby, I want to beat the 13/14″ from last storm!

  191. Jackie says:

    10 inches in Ashland near Slash Cottage. Its still coming down like crazy.

  192. Judy says:

    Just checked 2 spots here in Brandermill — 11″ and counting. It is now 1:20PM! It’s beautiful and still coming down!!!!!

  193. Colleen Kenyon says:

    10″ at 1:20 in Mechanicsville and still snowing like crazy!

  194. Judy says:

    Here in Ashland we have just over 12″! And still coming down!

  195. LARRY says:

    Out in beautiful Hanover near Peaks Road, we have 10 inches plus and still falling!

  196. Carol Brown says:

    We’re in Ashland, near Patrick Henry HS and we have 10 inches at 1:15 pm.

  197. Rebecca says:

    A little over 12″ in Rockville(western Hanover)

  198. Rob Crawford says:

    As of 15:13, 9″ of snow in Mechanicsville near Pole Green Elementry School (1 mile away)

  199. Chuck says:

    8″ in Montpelier as of 12:30 pm

  200. Jonathan says:

    6.5 inches in Providence Forge.

  201. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – 1:05 PM, measured ” and snowing at a moderate (fine consistency). I still think we can squeak out one foot!

  202. Rachael says:

    We’re up to 10.5″ south of Bumpass, Louisa.

  203. sarah, montpelier area says:

    we had 8 inches about an hour ago

  204. Annie says:

    About 9″ in Westover Hills. It’s still coming down at a good clip but the sky is lighter than it was for the last few hours.

    Any chance we could get a new post soon?

  205. Amanda T says:

    at 1pm its at 9 inches. around the Clarendon/ brandermill. and coming down really hard.

  206. snowluvr says:

    9 inches in woodlake and still coming down!

  207. Rhonda Harmon says:

    We’re in Manakin Sabot, about five miles west of 288 and Route 6 (Patterson/River Road West) and I just measured 11.5 inches.

  208. Hot says:

    Sunny and 67 degrees here at Arboretum on Midlothian.

    Just kidding, 10″ so far. Roads are not too bad.

  209. Sean says:

    10″ at Parham and Patterson.

  210. Lynn says:

    10.5 inches in Central Powhatan at 12:30 pm

  211. At Parham and River Road we are at 10″

  212. Mel says:

    Snow accumulation is right at 9 inches at 12:40pm in Brandermill (with our subdivision area closer to Old Hundred Rd/Powhite). Yeah!!!!!

  213. Stephen says:

    8 inches here off Parham near Three Chopt and I-64
    I expect to see atleast 12+ before it’s over.

  214. john p says:

    9 inches on back deck in walton park, midlothian

  215. Mike says:

    9 inches in the Far West End near Deep Run Park

  216. Jeremy says:

    I’m a trained spotter for the NWS, spotter ID VRIC125. I live near Nuckols Road & I-295 near Short Pump. I have two measuring stations set up.

    11:30 a.m. – 7 5/8″ total accumulation.
    12:30 p.m. – 2 3/4″ of new snowfall after clearing one of the stations for snowfall rate.
    12:30 p.m. – 10″ total accumulation on the other measuring station.

  217. Dale says:

    11in. western powhatan

  218. sid says:

    11 inches in Powhatan and very cold

  219. leewestend says:

    9.5 inches near UR at 12:30pm -more than 2 inches per hour during the past 3 hours

  220. BB says:

    Bon Air, near Forest Hill & Buford, we’re up to 9″ at 12:30. That’s another 2.25″ in the last hour. Looks to be tapering off a bit and the sky isn’t quite as dark as it had been, but there is still plenty of snow in the air. Going out to snap some pix shortly.

  221. Acedoc says:

    Anyone have the link to the total at RIC?

  222. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – 12:30 PM, measured 8 3/4” and still snowing heavy/moderate. Sure is looking like we will hit the 1 foot mark when all is said and done.

  223. This was the measurement on top of our generator in the West End of Henrico at about 12:15pm today. About 9 inches, picture is located here

  224. WahooFan says:

    We have 8.5 inches in Mechanicsville

  225. Michael N. says:

    Andrew..national maps show the front as stationary with a low off N.C. at the northern edge and another low trailing from Al. how will this setup effect the overall snow totals?

    • afreiden says:

      As expected. Western Low is transferring energy to the offshore low, which will slowly pull away as scheduled this afternoon.

      Andrew Freiden
      Meteorologist/Executive Weather Producer
      804.230.1212 (Front Desk)
      804.345.1212 (Weather Forecast Anytime)

  226. Charles Campbell says:

    Glenn Allen (Hanover)
    Cedar Lane (Cedar Lea)

  227. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Another 2″ hour! Now 9″ far west end.

  228. Franny says:

    Good News – March 20th starts Springtime in Virginia! Yes, it is still snowing in Flatrock…

  229. Acedoc says:

    8.75 inches about ten minutes ago. Near Glen Allen Elementary School/Hunton

  230. Snowcream Girl 'n Chester says:

    8″ in Chester @ 12:10. Visibility 30 yards, very heavy snowfall winds from NNE. Birds flocking to the feeder, dog jumping like a bunny rabbit Thanks Ukrops for the snow!

  231. Henry Hiner says:

    Caret in Essex County
    12:00 – 6+ inches snow and heavy
    temp 18.6, 84% humidity
    winds 10.7 mph from NNE
    Barometer 30.04, lowest of day

  232. Colleen Kenyon says:

    8.5″ in the Bluffs at Bell Creek at 12:10 today.

  233. Russell Nichols says:

    Wanted to post a pic, but on mobile site, don’t see option! 3″ @ 10am. 6″ @ 11:45am in Chesterfield @ Hopkins Rd & Beulah Rd! Love the snow! Keep it coming!

  234. Jeep Hobson says:

    Excellent TV coverage. NBC 12 is the weather team. As of 12 noon in Tappahannock we have 5 to 6 inches. Andrew, Sagay, Tom, Jim, & and all the behind the camera people and in the field excellent coverage. Be safe. Pix to follow.

  235. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    A little over 6″ in Matoaca…and definitely slowing down. We’ll be lucky to get 8 at this rate

  236. ryan says:

    8 inches henrico at glennside and wow is it coming down 2 more hours of this and we have a foot.

  237. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    So where has accuweather’s Joe Bastardi been through all this? He’s been quiet for a week??

  238. Stan says:

    Six and a half inches of snow in Aylett at noon.

    Todays’s storm gives credit to the theory of the worst storm of any given month is on the full moon (e.g.: Hurricane Isabel).

    Guess what today (tonight) is the full moon.

  239. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Looks like only another 3-4 hours of the main snow. Starting to see a back edge moving this way. Still, thats another 6’+ i’m thinking. (making over a foot here)

  240. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – noon, just measured and we now have 7 3/4”. WOW! It has been coming down at a rate of 1.5-2.0 inches per hour for a good while now. If this rate holds true through 3:00ish, we are in for some good totals!

  241. Carol says:

    Charles City 11:59 – 8 1/2 inches steady snow

  242. Mike says:

    7.5 inches in the Far West End of Richmond near Deep Run Park

  243. Franny says:

    12:00 in Flatrock and we have 9 inches on the picnic table. This is my friends Judy’s snow, she ordered 3 feet! Go figure????

  244. Chrissy says:

    7 inches here in Blackstone!

  245. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    NBC12 weather team. Would you agree that Richmond area was bullseye for this storm?

  246. Karen R says:

    8 inches as of 11:51 in Short Pump

  247. Rachael says:

    Just measured 8″ of snow out here on Crewsville Road in Louisa County! The rate seems to have slowed significantly for the time being.

  248. Ruther Glen, VA in Caroline County
    6.5 Inches of snow as of 11:50am

  249. P'Town says:

    8 inches in Western Powhatan on 60 with almost white out conditions.

  250. Isobar says:

    Near U of R went from 3.5″ at 9:15 to 6.5″ at 11:25am.

  251. Michael N. says:

    western Chesterfield. now at 6″ and continues to snow at about 1″/hr. rate. this has been steady since 0700.. time to break out the shovel…my 2 Yorkies are only 8″ at the shoulders and are balking at going outside… can’t blame them, don’t think I’d like planting my bare belly in the snow either.

  252. Jeff May says:

    In Gum Springs we had 2″ at 8:45 am and we now have 7.25″ at 11:30 am.

  253. Ruther Glen, VA in Caroline County

    6.0 Inches of snow as of 11:30am

  254. Mighty Dyckerson says:

    I just measured four inches of vodka in Andrew’s coffee mug. Drink responsibly!

  255. BB says:

    Bon Air, near Forest Hill & Buford, we’re up to 6.75″ at 11:30. Amazing – that’s 2″ in the last hour! Still coming down thick & fast, dry fluffy snow.

  256. Colleen Kenyon says:

    6″ of snow at the Bluffs in Bell Creek in Mechanicsville as of 11:20 today.

  257. Shawn says:

    Coming down very hard in Tuckahoe. About 10 minutes ago I measured about 6.5 inches. Looks like we have some heavy bands on the way.

  258. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    It looks like Richmond area ended up being the bullseye (looking at darker bands on radar)

  259. Sherri Fleck says:

    Everyone’s focused on the big snow, but we’re focused on the big wedding – Chris & Kristina’s wedding day. I’ve learned that weddings don’t get canceled so despite the snow, they’re getting married today @ 4:30!
    CONGRATULATIONS Kristina & Chris. What a beautiful day – one we’ll never forget!

  260. Kristin Rosemoon says:

    Just measured 7 inches in Brandermill.

  261. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    About 6″ in Matoaca and tapering off….so much for the extravagant predictions….

  262. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Just had a good hour. 7″ now.

  263. Colleen Kenyon says:

    6″ in the Bluffs at Bell Creek at 11:20 today.

  264. sid says:

    7.5-8 inches in central Powhatan

  265. Colleen Kenyon says:

    6″ in the Bluffs at Bell Creek in Mechanicsville as of 11:20 today.

  266. Brian Shaw says:

    5.5 inches in Chester right now AND ITS COLD!!!

  267. Mary says:

    Highland Springs has about 4 1/2 inches and it is accumulating a lot faster now

  268. TW says:

    5 1/2 inches here in Walnut Hill (Petersburg).

  269. Mike says:

    At 11:00am we have 5.6 inches in Glen Allen. Check out the snow camera updated every 10 minutes.

  270. Patty Gavilan says:

    Midlo.. Bailey Bridge rd & 288 5 1/2 inches !!

  271. Rich Tandler says:

    Just about 6″ in Woodlake. Varying from moderate to heavy snowfall.

  272. Henry Hiner says:

    Here at Caret in Essex County we have 4-1/2 t0 5 inches at 11:00

  273. davidgentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – measured at 11:00 AM and we have 6” even.

    Snowing heavily. Gorgeous!

  274. Dan Kennedy says:

    6 1/2″ in Central Goochland County

  275. Tom says:

    In Chesterfield Co., 1 mi. S. of Rt. 60, 1/4 mi. E. of Rt. 76, measured on a snowboard:

    1/30 10:30am – 20.3°F, 5.13″ moderate fine snow

  276. owen says:

    6 inches in henrico im guessing over a foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. Judy Crocker says:

    10:42AM 4 inches in Chester. Winter wonderland.

  278. Nancy Russell says:

    I just measured 3 3/4″ in Montpelier at The Hollows. It is coming down very hard

  279. sid says:

    6 inches in Powhatan VA

  280. Judy Crocker says:

    10:42 AM Chester, Va is at 4″ and it is beautiful!

  281. David H. says:

    I’m in Bedford, just west of Lynchburg — 9 inches and still snowing hard.

  282. Jo says:

    Southern Dinwiddie – I am hearing sleet hit the house 😦

  283. Maryann in Sussex County says:

    6″ and counting! The snow is coming down at a good clip and wind is blowing enough to keep most of the snow from staying on the branches of the trees.

  284. Jane, Chester says:

    At my house measured 5.5 inches a few minutes ago. Anyone have a recipe for snow cream?

    • Elaine says:

      Snowcream recipe

      Recipe for “Grandma Carrie’s Bull Island Snowcream”:
      In very big pot mix:
      I can Eagle Brand condensed milk
      I can evaporated milk
      3 eggs (raw)… See More
      2 1/2 cups sugar
      2 tablespoons Vanilla extract

      Mix this all together

      Then add snow until you get a good thick consistency
      Then you add whatever flavor you like: more vanilla for Vanilla Snowcream, or lemon extract, or crushed cherries and pineapple etc. I like the plain Vanilla. Also, I just tried adding bourbon to it and it is THE BOMB. That is NOT in Grandma Carrie’s recipe! My mom “Miss Bettie Mae” likes the crushed cherries and pineapple best!

      • Annie says:

        I’ve always just made it with snow, regular milk, and cocoa powder for flavoring because I’m a chocaholic. Delicious!

        You can also make extra and store it in the freezer. It’s still yummy months later; a nice reminder of the snowfall during the hot summer months.

    • Jo says:

      2 cups milk 2 cups sugar snow and a dollop of vanilla! you may have to play with the amount of snow, but we’ve got enough to do that with! evaporated milk works really well too – makes it creamier

  285. Sanchez says:

    At least 17 centimeters have fallen, I am sure of it

  286. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    5 inches on RIver Road just west of Matoaca. Live cam here:

  287. Traci says:

    4 to 5 inches petersburg princegeorge boarder and still comming down fast

  288. Carol says:

    Charles City 10:15 am 4 inches and snowing moderately.

  289. Mike says:

    10:30 almost 5 inches in Glen Alen. Check out snow cam updated ever 10 minutes.

  290. Jonathan says:

    4.5″ in Providence Forge

  291. BB says:

    Bon Air, near Forest Hill & Buford, we’re up to 4.75″ at 10:30 and still coming down hard. That’s >1″ in the past hour!

  292. Charles Jones says:

    Wow you guys really need to give it up with the yardstick! The last storm your snowlady stuck it into a plowed pile for a very unaccurate measurement! And early this morning here’s the yardstick again before any measurable accumulation. No wonder people in Richmond act so silly in storms. Thanks for your broadcast in all seriousness being so amusing!

    • David Gentry says:

      If you can measure it, isn’t it measurable..?

      Title of the post “Post your SNOW TOTALS here!” 😛

    • martha jones burford says:

      But, is silly always a pejorative term? Sometimes we love being excited by nature, reminded to pause. Robert Frost said it well, “The way a crow shook down on me the dust of snow from a hemlock tree, has given my heart a change of mood and saved some part of a day I had rued.” So, I’m bound to be silly today and hale my fellows who will make hot chocolate and chili, come in with soaking gloves, and wear those yardsticks out in the winter wonderland!

  293. Stu says:

    4″ exactly in Westover Hills, Southside!

  294. snowman-Shortpump area says:

    5″ (that’s nearly another 1.5″ hour)

  295. David Gentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – 10:15 AM, just measured and 4 1/2”. Snowing at a moderate rate.

    Snow breakfast has been made and eaten! Chili ready to go on at noon. Now my 10 yr old son is going out for the first time in today’s snow!

  296. Elaine says:

    Here in Gum Spring we have 4 inches so far and its still coming down. Andrew tell Jamie that Elaine & Todd Spangler said hi!!

  297. Matt says:

    3.5 inches in short pump!

  298. Donna says:

    Flurries started almost an hour ago in Arlington, VA, and it is coming down fast. Ground already covered.

  299. ryan says:

    about 4-5 in henrico at glenside

  300. Patty Gavilan says:

    Midlothian ( Bailey Bridge rd & 288 area)
    4 inches

  301. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    3.5 @ 9:52am in Matoaca/Chesterfield County

  302. Michael N. says:

    western Chesterfield. currently at 4 inches. have added another inch in the past hour and 3+ since 0700 hrs.

    • bob says:

      4″ here in chester.

      does anyone known who this weather guy that that was on WRVA 1140 radio during the news ? he has been on every hour since thursday and friday and forecasted 8-15″ for richmond and heavier S.. while weather channel was going 3 to 6″ and so was NWS… He nailed the dec storm from 4-5 day out as well

  303. Annie says:

    Are there a lot of comments in the moderation queue? I see the numbers going up, but no new comments.

  304. Mike Augsburger says:

    As of 9:30 am got 3 inches in Beaverdam. Really coming down good now.

  305. Mike Pender says:

    This is so disappointing. I predicted I’d wake up to about 6 inches outside the apartment in The Fan near VCU. Only 2 inches.

    I’m furious and I blame Jack Duncan for getting my hopes up.

  306. Isobar says:

    3.5″ in Tuckahoe area of Henrico County.

  307. Snow In Midlo says:

    4 inches in Otterdale, 60&288!

  308. sid says:

    4.25 iches in Powhatan,va

  309. David Gentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – 9:15 AM, just measured and we are at 3 1/2”. Snowing at a moderate rate.

  310. BB says:

    In Bon Air, near Forest Hill & Buford, we have 3.5″ at 09:20 and still coming down hard. Looks like it’s changing over from a thick, fine snow to larger flakes in the last 15 minutes or so. Let it snow!

  311. PattY Gavilan says:

    ALL of you are doing an AWESOME job! What fun it is watching you this morning…and I LOVE Melissa’s COOL coats !!!

  312. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    I hour later:
    up to 3.5″. (that’s 1.5 per hour)

  313. eugene hudders says:

    I live in Brodnax and it has been snowing here since about 10 pm last night. so far we have about 6.5 inches!!! it has been a LONG time since we have seen this much snow. if you can send me some estimates on how much snow we are expecting here in the Brodnax South Hill area!!! Yall are great and keep up the Great work!!!

  314. Sailorgirl says:

    King William County 2 inches. Have to say I didn’t expect this. I figured it would be Richmond for a change!

  315. Bensley-Bermuda area has about 3 inches and it’s really slamin’ down now. Took my dog out this morning and she did her business and headed for the house. She ain’t no dummy, playing in the snow is for kids and pups.

  316. Brad says:

    2 inches of snow in Varina

  317. Snowed in UPDATE says:

    We were just outside in this and our snow measures almost 9 inches on the concrete here on HWY 611 in Brunswick County!!!!!!!!!!

  318. Maryann in Sussex County says:

    We’ve got at least 4″, but I haven’t stepped out to measure yet.

  319. Ty Brashears says:

    3 inches here in Church Road, Dinwiddie County. Snowing picking up.

  320. David Gentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – 8:45 AM, just measured and a solid 2 1/2 ” and snowing at a moderate rate. Visibility is quite low.

    It is beautiful!

  321. Mike says:

    2.5 inches in the Far West End Near Deep Run Park at 8:45am and snowing very hard!

  322. Josh says:

    Supposed to be coming to the Brandermill and then to Williamsburg – 0″ here in DC, but think we’ll stay here!

  323. Michael N. says:

    western Chesterfield. intensity has really picked up during the last hour. around 1/2-3/4 inches at 0700 when we walked the dogs and passing 3 inches currently.

  324. Goss says:

    It’s coming down hard here in Glen Allen. Hopefully we’ll get at least 10-12in out of this. Let it snow, let it snow!

  325. Cindy Moore says:

    Colonial Heights has 2 1/4″. Snowing picking up, heavier than it was at 6:00am.

  326. Matt says:

    Near Crestview Elementary school in Henrico…probably around an inch, maybe a bit more, but snowing much harder here the past 30 mins.

  327. Snowman-Shortpump area says:

    Just hit 2″. Coming down at a steady clip.

  328. Sandy says:

    Here in Powhatan there is 2″+. When I woke @ 7:30 it was a very fine snow that I could hardly see. Coming down much heavier now.

  329. SnowInKingWilliam says:

    About 1/2″ or so low in lower King William. Comming down hard. Got the snowmobile all gassed up and ready to ride!!

    Current temp is 21*. I bet the high temp for today will be set at midnight. Pretty crazy.

  330. Matt says:

    Heavy, heavy snow right now in western henrico!

  331. witchdoctor says:

    Western Henrico near Glenside -2″ of snow and twenty assorted birds at 8:00. disappointed, should bee more.

  332. Sherry says:

    We’re leaving Jamaica at 1:30 on our way back to Richmond! Wish we’d brought our boots!!!

  333. susan says:

    anyone got any ideas on why we have fifty million blackbirds on the ground???

  334. The One says:

    I’ve got two feet here. They’re attached to my legs!

  335. ffej1979 says:

    Looks like a little over an inch here in Glen Allen. Snow is now start to fall heavier though. I can see traffic driving on Hungary Road, their speed seems to indicate that the road isn’t that bad yet. But it is slower than normal.

  336. Melissa says:

    Chesterfield, Va: I live near the courthouse and theres probably an 1 inch maybe 2. Have not meaused it yet. My fiancee went to work in this. He works as a mechanic in a shop. I told him his boss was nuts!!! I plan on seeing him again before 10am.

  337. Sandy Bailey says:

    There was just a small dusting at 3 am but this morning at 7:30, it is coming down steady and the trees and bushes are holding onto it too… beautiful winter scene for the ocean city!!!!!! My back yard measures 3 inches so far!!

  338. Rich Tandler says:

    There already is enough snow to paralyze Richmond and we’re just getting started!

    Coming up on two inches in Woodlake and coming down moderately light and steadily.

  339. Meredith Thomas - Greensville County says:

    6 inches on the Brink Road (very southern Greensville County, just a few miles from the NC border)

  340. David Gentry says:

    Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center – snow totals are slowly creeping up. Looking about about 1 1/4 out there now.

    Keep an eye on the kids and animals later today as the wind chill, combined with the snow, will make for some very cold hands, cheeks, and paws!

    • David Gentry says:

      Oh, and don’t forget to keep the snow clear from around your heat pumps. With the consistency of this snow and where heat pumps are typically located, there could be some hefty drifts pilling up around them.

  341. Carole Cheeley says:

    Just a report from Carson, VA: 2 inches fluffy snow at 0700…staying warm and enjoying coffee with your broadcast!

  342. Mark Clark says:

    fluffy snow ……. means the leaf blower works great in clearing drive way and walk ways!!! (JUST IN)

  343. Jo says:

    Looks to be 4-5″ here in southern Dinwiddie – some places more, some less (the south side of the house has more than the north deck) LET IT COME!

  344. Jeff J says:

    About an inch in Sandston.

  345. Judy Crocker says:

    6:56 AM Jan 30 – Richmond St. in Chester has 1″ of snow and it is coming down.This is our sleigh riding street! Roads were covered first, indicative of the cold temperatures. Thanks for the snow Ukrops! Judy Crocker

  346. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    Up to an inch in Matoaca

  347. Annie says:

    About an inch here so far in Westover Hills at 6:50 am. Good morning, blog commenters!

  348. Precipitation is REALLY pouring down! Roads already in bad shape. We’re probably closer to 3 inches.

    Shout out to Dirk Warner, greatest news director in the history of mankind, from his Farmville crew!!

  349. David Gentry says:

    6:43 AM, snowing lightly with an inch of snow now – Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center.

  350. Mark Clark says:

    6:28 and 2nd cup of coffee and we have an INCH!!! Court house and 360..

  351. South Hill says:

    It started to fall last night between 8 and 9. We have at least 6 inches on our deck. Falling very hard right now. It is beautiful!!! I hope it keeps coming!!!

  352. Jessica says:

    A little less than a quarter inch near brook rd and parham rd in the west end. It’s not coming down very fast either.

  353. Scott says:

    In Farmville – looks like we have about 2 inches accumulated on our deck rail so far. It’s been coming down lightly since around 11-12 last night but looks like it’s really started to come down in the last hour or so!

  354. Jeff in Matoaca says:

    NO more than 1/2 inch near Mataoca — 7 miles west of PBurg

  355. David G. says:

    3/4” here in Chesterfield, near Chesterfield Towne Center. It is currently snowing at a light rate.

  356. kevin says:

    Roads are getting bad quick. Live out near chesterfield County airport and it’s coming down hard. Woke up to bigger snow total forecast, wow. Have seen possible dry slot setting up to the west but hope it slides south with more snow well west of it. Also intense storms down south which in the past has robbed us some of deeper moisture.Any idea’s on that one ?

  357. Mark Clark says:

    5:52 and we have almost a half inch here in Chesterfield….. never Court house road and 360.
    and more important …. the Coffee is on …

  358. JPal, Innsbrook Area says:

    Snow began falling here around 4:45am. Firt areas to be covered…pavement. Indicative of how very cold it is! Now coming down fast and furious.

  359. Snowed in, in Brunswick Co. says:

    It’s been snowing here on Dry Bread Road steady since about 11 pm last night. Everything is completely covered with snow. You were right, it’s a very powdery, dry snow. We measured it at 5:30 am and so far we have a little over 6 inches, with it falling like crazy still. We will update our totals as the day progresses.

    • Snowed in UPDATE says:

      UPDATE: We just measured here in Brunswick County and the totals here are now 6.5″ with it falling like crazy still!!

  360. Karla, Hanover, Near Va. Center Commons says:

    Good dusting out this way, grassy areas filling in fast. A steady, fine snow is falling.

  361. Jane Beard, Chester says:

    It’s really coming down here now – you all were on the money about the time – now I bet you’ll be right about the amount! Looks like we have a quarter of an inch just to begin with and it’s a steady fall.

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